Policies & Procedures





Membership in the Washington Soccer Club (WSC) is limited to individuals who are:

  • Youth players registered with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and with either the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) or the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA)
  • WSC administrators, coaches, and managers.  

WSC is affiliated with VYSA and MSYSA and, through these Associations, the Club is also affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation.  As such, WSC will abide by all applicable rules, policies and regulations of VYSA, MSYSA, US Soccer and US Youth Soccer.  Further, WSC will also register annually with MSYSA and VYSA, as applicable, all players, coaches, team officials and teams which participate in the Club’s soccer programs, and pay the appropriate registration fees.


Board of Directors
WSC is governed by a Board of Directors (the Board), which is the organization's sole policy making body.  Membership on the Board consists of the Club’s:

·       President

·       Vice President

·       Secretary

·       Treasurer

·       Travel Director of Coaching

·       Recreational Director of Coaching

·       Recreational Commissioner

·       Boys Travel Commissioner

·       Girls Travel Commissioner

·       Travel League Club Representatives

The Commissioners and Directors of Coaching are initially appointed by the officers of WSC. All members of the Board have one vote.

The terms of individual WSC officer positions are set by a two thirds vote of the Board. Officer vacancies will be filled by a two thirds affirmative vote of the Board.

Removal and Vacancies:
Any member of the Board may be removed at any time by a two thirds vote of the Board.

The Board may, from time-to-time, decide to expand or contract its size. Any action in this regard will require a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board. At no time will the Board have fewer than three members.

The Board will have standing and ad hoc committees. The standing committees are:

  • Budget and Finance: Chaired by the treasurer, this committee is responsible for developing and submitting an annual proposed budget for the Board’s consideration and action two months prior to the close of the current fiscal year. The committee shall is responsible for monitoring budget versus actual revenues and expenses and for making periodic reports to the Board.
  • Rules and Discipline: The responsibility of this committee is to investigate and, where appropriate, conduct hearings on allegations violations of WSC, league, state, or national rules by players, coaches, administrators, and parents. The committee has authority to take such disciplinary actions it deems necessary in cases where it finds a rule’s letter or spirit has been violated.
  • Scholarship: Both the recreational and travel programs will have a Scholarship Committee that has the responsibility to: a) receive and review requests for player scholarships; b) determine the level of award, if any, to the requesting player; and, c) inform the appropriate Commissioner and the WSC Treasurer of the committees’ decisions.  Each committee will have an odd number of members with a maximum of five.  Membership on the committees will be proposed by the respective Commissioners for decision by the Board.

Members of all committees are appointed by the Board. Membership on all committees is open to any adult member of the Club and to the parent or guardian of any youth member.

The Board will meet formally four times each Seasonal Year i.e. before and after the Fall season and before and after the Spring season.  The specific dates, times, and locations of the meetings will be determined by the Club officers.

All meetings of the Board and of the Budget and Finance Committee are open to any member of the Club and to any parent or guardian of a youth member.  Scheduled meetings will be posted on the WSC website.

Responsibilities of Appointed Board Positions:
There are a number of appointed positions in the Club with responsibilities that are essential to WSC’s effective and efficient operation.  Those positions and a summary of their responsibilities are:

Travel Commissioners
The Boys and Girls Travel Commissioners are responsible for oversight and management of the administration of the Club’s Travel Soccer Program. As part of this responsibility, each Commissioner:

·       Ensures that all managers of travel teams are trained in their responsibilities e.g. registration, opponent notification, game card preparation, disciplinary points for cards

·       Serves as a point of contact for WSC managers and parents on matters regarding the travel program as well as outside parents and teams interested in the WSC Travel Program

·       Resolves minor issues impacting individual teams or the Travel Program as a whole and brings major issues to the Board

·       Works closely with the Travel Director of Coaching so that both aspects of the program result in maximum benefit to the players, parents, coaches, and administrators

·       Recommends candidates for the travel Scholarship Committee for the Board’s consideration

·       Ensures that all team managers and coaches register with KIDSAFE before the start of each Seasonal Year or when they assume a position with the team.

The Boys Travel Commissioner will be the Club Representative to NCSL.  The Girls Travel Commissioner will be the Club Representative to WAGSL.

Recreational Commissioner
The Recreational Commissioner is responsible for oversight and management of the administration and operation of the Club’s Recreational Soccer Program. As part of this responsibility, the Commissioner:

·       Hires/appoints personnel to assist in the administrative work of the program as well as to provide on-field logistical assistance

·       Ensures that all managers of travel teams are trained in their responsibilities e.g. registration, dues collection

·       Serves as a point of contact for WSC managers and parents on matters regarding the recreational program as well as for outside parents and organizations interested in the WSC Recreational Program

·       Resolves minor issues impacting individual teams or the recreational program as a whole and brings major issues to the Board

·       Works closely with the Recreational Director of Coaching so that both aspects of the program result in maximum benefit to the players, parents, coaches, and administrators

·       Recommends candidates for the recreational Scholarship Committee for the Board’s consideration

·       Ensures that all team managers and coaches register with KIDSAFE before the start of each Seasonal Year or when they assume a position with the team.

Travel Director of Coaching
The Director of Coaching for the Travel Program is the “ranking” coach in the program and is responsible to:

  • Represent the travel coaches on the WSC Board
  • Serve as a member of the Coaches Selection Committee
  • Identify potential coaches for travel teams
  • Meet with all travel coaches twice each season
  • Observe each travel coach at a full practice and at a full game each season
  • Conduct training sessions with coaches as warranted
  • Monitor the license status of each coach and encourage them to improve on their current license
  • Evaluate each coach after each season and discuss the evaluation with the coach
  • Work closely with the Travel Commissioner so that both aspects of the program result in maximum benefit to the players, parents, coaches, and administrators.

Recreational Director of Coaching
The Director of Coaching for the Recreational Program is the “ranking” coach in the program and is responsible to:

  • Represent the recreational coaches on the WSC Board
  • Approve coaches for recreational teams after an initial evaluation/training session
  • Assign volunteer coaching assistants to teams and training responsibilities
  • Monitor the pre-play training sessions for all recreational teams to ensure it is occurring as required
  • Meet with all recreational coaches twice each season
  • Serve as a member of the Coaches Selection Committee
  • Conduct training sessions with coaches as warranted.
  • Serve as an on-site advisor to coaches on Saturdays during the season
  • Work closely with the Recreational Commissioner so that both aspects of the program result in maximum benefit to the players, parents, coaches, and administrators.

Club Representatives
Club Representatives are unique to the Travel Program and represent WSC at each league in which WSC teams play.  They are appointed by the WSC officers and, if not already members of the Board, become members upon their appointment.  They are responsible to:

  • Serve as the sole point-of-contact between the league and WSC
  • Attend all league meetings and cast the vote of the Club, where permitted, on issues that come before the league
  • Raise issues of interest to WSC with the league
  • Perform all duties assigned by each league to its Club Representatives
  • Brief the Board on league actions and other pertinent communications with and from the league
  • Distribute relevant league information to affected teams
  • Distribute and collect seasonal registration materials to WSC teams in the league
  • Work closely with the Travel Commissioner to ensure timely execution of all required administrative activities.

Travel & Recreational Field Coordinators
The Field Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Acquiring permits for sufficient fields for WSC travel and recreational teams to be able to practice and play
  • Coordinating with other clubs with regard to sharing fields
  • Informing leagues of the fields available to WSC and the times they are available for play
  • Allocating practice time on WSC permitted fields for travel and recreational teams
  • Ensuring fields are ready for play at scheduled times
  • Determining the safety of a field in inclement weather and closing it if the Field Coordinator considers it dangerous. [ A decision by a Field Coordinator to close a field for inclement weather or other safety reasons cannot be overturned by anyone associated with WSC]
  • Notifying appropriate officials in a timely manner if a field has been closed to play or practice.


The Rules and Discipline Committee (R&D) has the authority and responsibility to investigate all allegations and occurrences of infractions of the letter or spirit of WSC, league, state, and USYSA  rules, policies and procedures by teams, players, coaches, administrators and parents and to discipline those determined to be guilty of such infractions.  Importantly, the fact that a state association or league may discipline a team, player, coach, or parent or that a coach may discipline a player, does not mean there will not be further discipline meted out by R&D.

The only issues appropriate for consideration by R&D are those involving an alleged violation of the letter or spirit of an established WSC, league, state association, or USYSA rule, policy or procedure. Allegations of matters deemed appropriate for review and action by R&D must be submitted to the committee chair in writing  - by hand, mail, or electronically -  and must be signed by the person making the allegation. After preliminary fact-finding, the chair will determine if a hearing is warranted. If so, the chair will inform the individual(s) against whom the allegation has been made and schedule a committee hearing on the matter:

  • Unless the person making the allegation is present at the hearing, the issue will be voided.
  • At a hearing convened by the Rules and Discipline Committee, both parties shall have the opportunity to state their position, present relevant documents or written statements, have their position corroborated by others, and answer questions from committee members.
  • Committee hearings will be closed to all persons who do not have a direct interest in the issue. In all instances in which a player is involved, the player's parents may accompany the player but may not participate in the hearing.

After the hearing, R&D will decide if an infraction has occurred. If it determines there has been an infraction, the committee will decide what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken against the offender. These actions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

For Players
Disciplinary actions may range from a warning to requiring the player to "sit" one or more games. In extreme cases, a player may be dropped from his or her team roster.

For Teams
Teams who violate league or Club rules may be subject to probation, fines,  or, in very serious cases, prohibited from playing under the Club's banner.

For Coaches
Discipline for coaches may include a warning or a requirement to "sit" for a specified number of games. Any WSC coach, upon being required to "sit" a second game in a season will automatically sit an extra game.  Gross misconduct-e.g., assaulting a referee or intentionally registering or attempting to register an ineligible player-is cause for the immediate dismissal of a coach from the Club.

For Parents
Parents who violate rules or policies of the WSC or the leagues are also subject to disciplinary action by the Club. Normally, these actions will range from a warning to being banned from the sidelines (home and away) for a specified number of games. In extreme cases-e.g., an assault on a referee-the parent may be required to forfeit any association with the Club.

All decisions of the Rules and Discipline Committee may be appealed to the appropriate Commissioner. The Commissioner’s decisions may be appealed to the Board of Directors whose decisions are final and binding. Members of the Board who are involved in an earlier decision on a given matter may not participate in the decision at the Board level.

At the Board meeting following the conclusion of the Spring season, the Board of Directors, after consultation with the Budget and Finance Committee, will determine the WSC dues and/or fees to be assessed each player or team for the Fall and Spring seasons of the coming Seasonal Year. The dues and/or fees as well as the fees required by the travel leagues are to be paid in full to WSC no later than one week before the deadlines established by the travel leagues.

WSC recreational and travel teams may select any name they desire. All travel teams are reminded that their travel league will refer to them as “WSC _________”.  

The colors of WSC are red, white, and blue. 

The Club has a common travel uniform, with two of the Club colors dominant in the uniform shirt, shorts, and socks. All travel uniforms must have the WSC logo or patch on the front of the shirt. The travel uniform is chosen every 2-3 yearts by a committee of travel team managers. Recreational uniforms are selected by the Recreational Commisioner.



WSC offers both Travel and Recreational soccer programs for its members. Even though each program is structured to provide an enjoyable soccer experience for the players involved, they differ substantially in terms of objectives, approach, and cost.

The specific policies applicable to each program are set-out in the sections that follow.

The Travel Soccer Program is for children who possess the skills and attitude to compete and win a position on a team that will play in one of the areas travel leagues i.e. the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), the Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGSL), and the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL). The level of competition in these leagues is markedly higher than that typically found in recreational programs

Team Types
Two types of travel teams participate under the sponsorship of the Washington Soccer Club.  They are:

  • WSC Teams 
    A WSC Team is a team whose parent club is the Washington Soccer Club.  Administrators, coaches, and parents associated with these teams may hold any elected, appointed, or volunteer position with the Club
  • WSC Guest Teams
      A WSC Guest Team is a team whose parent club is a multi-team club that is not the Washington Soccer Club.  The parent clubs of these teams elect to have the teams play under Washington Soccer Club’s banner to avail themselves of open WSC age-group slots. Administrators, coaches, and parents associated with these teams may hold any appointed or volunteer position with the Club except a voting position on the WSC Board of Directors.

With the exception of policies concerning coach selection and termination,  WSC Guest Teams are expected and required to fully adhere to WSC, league, state association, and USYSA rules, policies, and procedures,

Team Formation
All travel teams formed by WSC will be formed only upon decision of the Board of Directors. Under this policy, WSC will be responsible for:

  • Selecting and appointing a coach for the team to be formed
  • Ensuring that tryouts for the team are open to any player of age

If an already formed team petitions to enter WSC as a WSC Team, the Board may grant the request by a majority affirmative vote if the team agrees in writing to adhere to all WSC, league, state association, and USYSA rules, policies, and procedures. An already formed team that petitions to join WSC as a WSC Guest Team will be accepted upon a three-quarters affirmative vote of the Board.  

WSC reserves the right to determine the individuals and teams that will be allowed to be associated with the Club in any capacity.


The operation of a travel team is a joint is a joint effort involving the coach, manager and parents of the players. Each of these participants has a clear role under the policies of the WSC. Specifically:

The coach of a WSC travel team has full authority over the:

  • Selection of players
  • Drops or additions to the roster
  • Starting line-up
  • Players' positions
  • Playing time of individual team members
  • Practice schedule
  • Conduct of practice
  • Policy on missed practices

Team Manager
Each team will have a manager who shall be selected by the parents from among their number. The responsibilities of the team manager are:

  • Attending all Club-wide meetings
  • Serving as an liaison between the parents and the coach
  • Serving as the liaison between the team and the appropriate Trvel Commissioner
  • Performing or assigning all the administrative duties necessary to support the team and to meet the requirements of WSC and the applicable league.


3. Parents: Parents of players selected for a travel team are expected to:


Ensure their child is present and on time at scheduled practices
 Ensure the child is at the game field at the assigned time
 Assist the team manager when necessary
 Encourage good sportsmanship on the part of their child and other members of the team
Adhere to WSC and applicable league policies and Codes of Conduct at all games.






Notice of Available Position: Coaches for WSC travel teams will be selected only after public notice that a position is available. At a minimum, public notice includes notification to all open programs in the city. It may also include ads or notices in neighborhood and local newspapers.


Eligibility: Any adult who is not the parent of a child playing on the team to be coached is eligible to apply for an open coaching position in WSC. An exception will be made to the prohibition against parent coaches only if the Club accepts an already formed team for membership and the team has a parent coach. In these cases, the parent will be permitted to continue coaching as long as an acceptable level of competence is demonstrated through the annual evaluations, and all other rules and policies of the Club are observed.


Coaches Selection Committee: The Coaches Selection Committee is an ad hoc committee that shall consist of the Travel Director of Coaching, the WSC Club Representative to the league in which the team for which the coach is being selected would participate, and other coaches appointed by the Director of Coaching. When selecting a coach for an existing team, the committee will also include two representatives of the affected team. In all cases, the committee shall have an odd number of members and a minimum number of five.


 Selection Process: Each applicant for an available coaching position will be given an opportunity to meet with the Coaches Selection Committee to present his or her qualifications, inquire about the position and the Club, and answer questions from members of the committee.


Decision: The formal selection of a coach for a WSC travel team will be made by the Board of Directors based on the recommendation of the Coaches Selection Committee.


Compensation:  If a coach selected by WSC is to be compensated, the initial level of compensation will be negotiated between the Selection Committee and the coach and will be based on the coach's skill and experience. The responsibility for funding the compensation will be that of the relevant team.


Evaluation: New travel coaches are selected on a provisional basis for one year. The fitness of a coach to continue will be evaluated by the Director of Coaching after that year. Factors to be considered in the evaluation include, but are not necessarily limited to:


Knowledge of the game
Relationship with players
Relationship to team parents
 Cooperation with others
 Adherence to WSC policies
 Adherence to applicable league, state, and USYSA rules.



To assure the highest levels teaching to players, all coaches of WSC travel teams are expected to continually educate themselves in the techniques and strategies of soccer. WSC does not require that the coach of a WSC Team have a coaching license to begin coaching in the Club. However, any coach who enters the Club without a license must satisfactorily complete a licensing course within a year.  Coaches will also be encouraged to obtain successively higher licenses in each of his or her first three years with the Club. All coaches should strive to obtain a minimum of a D License.



A coach may be involuntarily removed from a WSC travel team only by the WSC Board upon the written recommendation of one or more of the following:


The Rules and Discipline Committee
The Director of Coaching
Sixty percent of the parents associated with the relevant team, with the parents of each player having one combined vote.


Importantly, the Board is not bound to accept a recommendation to dismiss a coach.

Notwithstanding the above, an employment agreement entered into between a team's coach and team parents prior to the team's acceptance into WSC will be honored by the Club. Accordingly, a coach may be retained or dismissed under the terms of such an agreement without the concurrence of the WSC Board. Importantly, though, no prior agreement shall supersede the Club's right to dismiss a coach upon evidence of:


Gross misconduct 
Knowing violation of WSC, league, state, and USYSA rules, policies, or procedures.





Player Selection:


Tryouts: Players for all WSC travel teams will be selected in a series of open tryouts prior to the beginning of each seasonal year (August 1 to July 31). All age groups with more than one team are strongly encouraged, but not required, to hold joint tryouts. When joint tryouts are held, the Travel Director of Coaching and the involved team coaches will be responsible for scheduling the tryouts and for determining specific tryout activities. Roster selections will be made by the coaches of the individual teams.


Travel team coaches are expected to select the best players available irrespective of the players' open league, their geographic location, their economic situation, or their previous association with the team. 


Players already rostered to a WSC travel team may decline to play on a higher rated team if selected by the team at a joint tryout. 


Players will be chosen on the basis of their current ability to contribute to the success of the team and not on the basis of past performance. Normally, the most highly skilled players will be selected. However, attitude and parental support are also considerations. Team selections made by the coach of a travel team are considered final. 


When a player is selected for a WSC team, the player is selected for the entirety of the coming Seasonal Year of play or, if the Seasonal Year has begun, for its remainder. Therefore, if a team selects a player who proves incapable of competitive play on the team, it is the policy of WSC that the player be retained on the team roster until the conclusion of the Seasonal Year. Players may be released during a Seasonal Year only for disciplinary reasons.


Notification of Tryouts: No player will be selected at the beginning of the seasonal year without a tryout for which there has been prior public notice. All tryouts, their location(s), and times are to be announced to all open programs in the city a minimum of two weeks before the first tryout is held. The Club is to be notified of any scheduled prior to public notice so that the tryout schedule can be timely posted on the WSC website and on the website of the relevant league.


WSC will notify all WSC players of the time and place of all open tryouts for teams in their respective age groups.


The selection of players to fill vacancies that occur during the Seasonal Year may        be made on an individual tryout basis.


 Attendance: A player must attend at least one tryout before being selected for a team. The Director of Coaching may waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis if it is determined that there is sufficient cause to do so. To afford the opportunity for all interested players to participate in tryouts, teams are required to schedule tryouts on a minimum of two separate days.


Age Group:

Players will be expected to try out for teams in their natural age group. However some players may elect to tryout with an older team; to “play-up”. It is the policy of the Washington Soccer Club that players in the U-9 through the U-13 age groups may not “play-up” more than a single year  Exceptions to this policy will be considered only in unusual circumstances and must be approved by the Travel Director of Coaching.


In all cases involving players playing out of their age groups, applicable league, state and USYSA rules and policies must also be followed.


Outside Play:  

Players rostered to a WSC travel team are discouraged from playing on another soccer team (school teams excepted) during the league season. No WSC travel team player may play on or against a WSC recreational team in a sanctioned game i.e. a game that counts in recreational standings.



Releasing Players:


1.  Performance Releases: It is an unfortunate fact that some players selected for travel teams will prove unable to perform at the level expected or necessary. In cases where this is so, it is strongly suggested that the team coach inform the parents and player at the conclusion of the Spring season so the player can elect not to try out for a position on the team for However, every youth player has the right to try out for any team for which the player is age-group eligible.


2.  Discipline Releases:  Teams are more important than any individual player. Consequently, a player who creates an on-going discipline problem on the team or who consistently fails to attend practices or games may be released if the coach determines the player's conduct is detrimental to the discipline or morale of the team.  Applicable state guidelines must be adhered to when releasing a player for discipline purposes.




The WSC Recreational Soccer Program is designed to: a) teach children new to the sport the basic skills necessary to play and enjoy soccer; b) provide playing opportunities to players who are not new to the game but who do not want to participate at the highly competitively level of travel soccer; and, c) enhance the physical fitness of the children. In all cases, a principal objective of the recreational program is to instill in the players such carry-over values as teamwork, respect, discipline, adherence to rules, and self-confidence. 

Age Groups

The recreational program will have teams in the following age groups:

U-16 – U-19

All players will play in their natural age groups unless granted a waiver by the Recreational Director of Coaching based on good and sufficient reasons being presented.


All players who register for the WSC recreational program must become members of the USYSA and their appropriate state association.  No child, regardless of age, will be allowed to take the field without valid membership.

Registration information and fees will be collected by the Recreational Commissioner as the result of either on-site or on-line registration.


There are two types of recreational teams that play under WSC sponsorship.  They are:

Pre-formed Teams:  These are teams that were formed before the players enter WSC. Normally, these teams will be formed with children from the same school, church, or other organization.

WSC Teams: These are teams formed with children who registered for the program as individuals. In these cases, WSC will attempt to place the child on an existing team that is short players. If there are no slots available, a new team in a given age-group will be formed.

The Club makes no distinction between Pre-formed and WSC teams.  All are expected and required to abide by WSC, state association, and USYSA policies, rules, and procedures.



Coaches for recreational teams will be appointed by the Recreational Coaching Director from among parent or other volunteers. All coaches will be required to get a basic coaching license prior to the conclusion of their first season as a coach. WSC will defray the cost of this license.

Coaches are expected to attend training sessions conducted by the Recreational Director of Coaching. Failure to do so without a legitimate excuse may result in the coach’s appointment being withdrawn.

Team Managers:

Each WSC recreational team will have a manager selected by the parents from among their number. Organizations that have multiple pre-formed teams may have a single manager. The responsibilities of the manager include, but are not limited to:

Collecting, documenting,  and turning over to the Recreational Commissioner all registration forms and fees for players who did not register on-line

Serving as a liaison between the parents, coach, and program administrators

Preparing the team roster each season and submitting the required copies to the Recreational Commissioner

Keeping the USYSA membership card for players on the team and having them available at each game

Monitoring the conduct of team parents at games to ensure good sportsmanship is observed at all times.

Playing Time:

All children assigned to a recreational team will play at least half of each game.


All coaches are encouraged to have a team practice at least once a week for an hour to one and a half hours.  Notwithstanding this, it is a policy of WSC that all recreational teams will practice skills and drills specified by the Recreational Director of Coaching for at least 30 minutes before they take the field for their first game of the day.


All recreational games should be played in accordance with USYSA guidelines. Specifically:

Age       Players        Time         Ball       Field       Goals       Offside       Ref

U-6         3v3              4X6 min      3         20X15       6X18          No              P,C,O*

U-8         4v4              4X12 min    3         25X20       6X18          No              P,C,O

U-10       6v6              2X25 min    4         45X35       6X18          No              Yes

U-12       8v8              2X30 min    4         70X45       6X18          Yes            Yes

Players at U-14 and above will play 11v11 on full-sized fields with 8X24 goals and one or three referees. Durations of games for older age groups will be:

U-14  2X35 min

U-16 to U-19  2X45 min

Any deviation from these USYSA guidelines must be jointly approved by the Recreational Commissioner and the Recreational Director of Coaching.


*P,C,O = Parent, Coach, or Recreational Official