The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) has mandated that a team’s age group be determined by the January 1-December 31 Calendar-Year and not by the August 1-July 31 Seasonal -Year now in place. .Therefore, this fall WSC teams will play in the following age groups for the 2017-2018 Seasonal Year:


  Age              Oldest Player’s
Group                Birth Year

U9                          2009

U10                        2008

U11                        2007

U12                        2006

U13                        2005

U14                        2004

U15                        2003

U16                        2002

U17                        2001

U18                        2000

U19                        1999

As it is now, a player will be allowed to play in an older age group.  However, no player will be permitted to compete in a younger age group. 

Making the USSF mandated change – which is a return to the calendar-year determination used some years ago - brings the US in line with other soccer playing nations and our own Olympic Development Program.